As a third party to your transaction, our job is to co-ordinate all aspects of the settlement process. We work in close coordination with your lender, real estate agent, and the seller to pull all the pieces together to make your closing happen as seamlessness as possible. We help identify issues before they become problems, and work diligently to resolve them. In addition, we will come to you for closing!


We track the progress of the settlement and maintain communication with the buyers, their closing representative, lender, agent, and your agent. We arrange for the deed and other documents to be drafted in accordance with the contract, and will meet with you to have them signed for closing. We also offer mobile closings for sellers!


We provide excellent service to your client, and to you as well. We understand the critical role you play in the transaction, and will communicate with you through all steps of the process. Our goal is to make the settlement as smooth for you as it is for your client. We will travel to your office for closing.


Professional. reliable. mobile.

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We offer interpreter's for Spanish and Japanese


The underwriter of our Title Insurance Policies is Fidelity National Title Insurance Company who has a reputation for leadership and financial strength. Our partnership with Fidelity combines experience and stability to allow S & G Title and Escrow, LLC to offer expertly prepared title commitments. This provides our clients reliable protection against the numerous title defects which may arise against an insured property at any given time.

Title Insurance FAQ

What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance is a one-time premium protecting you against losses that occur from various matters affecting the title to real estate. There are two basic types of policies: Owner's policies to protect the owner, and Lender's policies to protect the bank's mortgage.

Why do I need Title Insurance?

As a condition of your loan funding, your mortgage lender will require a Lender's Title Insurance policy. Because this policy only insures the bank, you will need to decide if you wish to purchase an Owner's Title Insurance Policy.

What does an Owner's Title Insurance Policy cover?

A Standard Owner's policy insures the following:

• You are the owner of the property

• Against losses from any liens or encumbrances on the property except those listed in the policy

• You have legal right of access to the property

• Against title being rejected by a subsequent buyer because it is unmarketable due to title defect

•Against any misrepresentation, fraud or forgery in documents regarding property

How long does the coverage last?

You are covered under the policy for as long as you own the property.

Who attends settlement?

All borrowers must attend settlement in person. If a borrower cannot be present, special arrangements must be made in advance of your closing. Other attendees include the settlement agent/notary and possibly a realtor or mortgage originator.

Where is settlement held?

Settlements can either take place at our office or arrangements can be made to have it at the place of your choice.

What should I bring to settlement?

You need to bring a form of government-issued photo identification (driver's license, passport, etc.) and any funds required for settlement in the form of a certified or cashier's check payable to S&G Title and Escrow, LLC.

How much money will be needed?

Final figures are rarely available more than 24 hours before settlement. You can use your Good Faith Estimate as a guide. If you have switched loan programs, rates or terms, be sure to review the GFE with your Mortgage Originator o make sure the figures are correct. As soon as possible, you will be notified of the exact amount required at settlement.